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The Birdroom is a family run business established in 1999 by Alan and Belinda Fletcher to provide fellow Bird Keepers with the very best products for their Birdrooms, all tried and tested in their own aviaries.

Together with a small dedicated team they pride themselves on providing a personal and friendly service to their Customers which include all branches of Birdkeeping,Pigeon Fancy,Poultry Keeping, Zoos etc both here in the UK and worldwide.

Many of the products are designed and manufactured in their UK Crewe based workshops and are all supplied direct to the Customer either online,at Bird Shows or by direct collection from the workshop by appointment.

They are always happy to hear from fellow Bird Keepers and pleased to give Technical advice both on the phone or by email.

Claw Notes

We have added two useful products to our Nekton range of Specialist bird foods and supplements.

Nekton Biotic Bird

Is a Probiotic supplement ideal for the treatment of digestive problems and for regeneration after antibiotic treatments or for optimal nutriment supply during breeding and stress. Available in 100g & 250g sizes

Nekton Baby Bird

Hand-rearing feed for all types of birds, it is an ideal complete feed for all bird chicks. It provides a full balance diet with Prebiotic and Probiotic elements combined with natural plant extracts including Rosehip and pollens to provide chicks with an easy to digest supportive diet for strong healthy development. Available in 400g & 750g sizes.

Lories and Lorikeets new book by Rosemary Low Lory book

This long awaited book is now available on sale at £11.95 in our shop.

Go to Nekton Birds foods section if you wish to buy.

New lower prices on Nekton Lori

For a limited period we are promoting Nekton Lori at the lower price of £16.95 for 500g If you keep Lories why not give it a try ?.... its a great complete specialist bird food. We are able to supply the larger sizes at long term better prices .... interested ? then take a look in our shop.

Try your luck at Mid-Essex Budgerigar Society Raffle

We have donated a FLULUX Automatic Control Unit to the club fundraising raffle. If you fancy your luck at winning go to our links page and click on FLULUX Raffle

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